A comprehensive green tech supplier to companies.

A comprehensive green tech supplier to companies.
23 May, 2019

Solar energy

Run your business in the sunshine

We work only with high-quality global manufacturers in solar energy who gain extra points for their other sustainability work. You give us the assignment and we take care of the entire process from planning to implementation with qualified technicians. All business recommendations are always adapted on the basis of the unique possibilities of each property and are presented in 3D form using CAD technology with a precise production estimate.

Are your properties suited to solar energy? Solar radiation in Stockholm can be compared to that of many cities in central Europe. Svensk Solenergi [the Solar Energy Association of Sweden], of which we are members, provides interactive solar maps on which light yellow, yellow and red indicate good to excellent conditions for you: Solar maps in Sweden.

Did you know that, as a company, you receive a subsidy of 30% of the investment (up to a maximum of 1.2 million) per solar cell installation up to 2019? Read more at the County Administrative Board: Solar cell subsidy.

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What should you think about when installing solar energy?

  • Larger roof areas generate a more advantageous calculation.
  • Flat roofs are an easy installation as they do not require any housing (for a gradient of less than 5 degrees).
  • The best production position is S, SW, SE, but positioning towards the east and west also provides good production.
  • Request a clear business calculation based on your circumstances regarding production, pay-off and return.
  • The sale of surpluses differs markedly depending on the size of the main fuse.
  • The statistics from solar cell production can be integrated with other business systems via an API.
  • Do you currently charge your tenants rent exclusive of heating and hot water? In these cases, a suitable business proposal should be drawn up.
  • Submit the subsidy form to the County Administrative Board after your decision but before the start of the installation.
  • Building permits are subject to requirements, but many municipalities help us with a simple procedure.
  • Include the electricity certificate payment in your final calculations.
  • Make sure to obtain a clear presentation of the total weight against the load-bearing capacity of the roof
  • Installations at heights above 25 metres also require an additional wind load calculation.
  • Ensure that the installers have experience and are qualified solar cell technicians. The people responsible in our recommendations, for example, have carried out between 50–250 installations.
  • Single installations over 255 kW are taxed at an ordinary rate.

Does it feel overwhelming?

Don't worry, this is precisely what we take care of from start to finish in our customer process.

What can you expect from our quote in business terms?

  • Full responsibility focusing on the best total investment over time (Returns in relation to quality).
  • A higher property valuation exceeding the amount of the investment (Based on improved net running costs & environmental profiling).
  • An annual return of 8–16% (Depending on the property, complexity, size, subsidies and your electricity price).
  • A reduced business risk in terms of future increases in the electricity price over 25 years (Power guarantee).
  • Clear environmental profiling of the property with associated goodwill.

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